Victorian Mahogany Four Poster Bed W4P11


A superb Victorian mahogany four poster bed from the mid Nineteenth Century.

The substantial mahogany front posts have bun feet, square section plinths with tall, bevelled and arched cover plates, large bulbous central features of acanthus leaves, and tapered turned upper section rising to the curtain rails, and finally to the large corniced canopy.

This four poster bed is an excellent example of Victorian design, and yet it is not too imposing, and the open aspect at the foot of the bed makes a very attractive piece. It is also not too tall, so will fit in most decent size rooms.

The bed is 5ft wide (60 inches) UK King, but is shorter at 75 inches long. The base and mattress will also need cut-out corners on the foot end to go around the front posts.

We will supply a base to fit (included in the price) and can supply a top quality mattress with cut-out corners in all levels of comfort and luxury.

There is an option for the back panel of the bed. We intend to replace it with a new upholstered back board covered in a fabric of your choice. We could also supply a canopy infil covered in the same or a complementary fabric. Drapes can also be provided in a fabric of your choice at an extra cost.

Overall the bed is in excellent condition in general, but there are some minor scratches to be removed and areas that require refinishing before shipping.

Overall Dimensions:
Height: 90 in (228 cm)
Width: 69 in (175 cm)
Depth: 86 in (218 cm)