Surbiton ShopWe have recently celebrated a major milestone – 50 years ago Jerry and Meryl Butler founded Seventh Heaven. The inspiration for a business that had spanned five decades was a scene in a film called “The Knack”, where a brass bed is pushed through the streets of London. The newly married couple fancied one for themselves, found five in a scrapyard, bought the lot, kept the best and sold the rest on a market stall in Blackheath. Seventh Heaven was born. Seeing an opportunity and craving excitement, the brave young entrepreneurs left their budding careers in teaching and nursing to set up shop in Surbiton. From these humble beginnings they created a business that took them across the world, employed dozens of people and spanned five decades.

Meryl and Jerry Butler outside Chirk Mill 1982
There have been quite a few changes through the years; upping sticks and swapping the Big Smoke for the rural idyll of Chirk Mill in the 70s; developing the mail order business through brochures and polaroid pictures in the 80s; adapting to the exciting new invention of the world wide web in the 90s; coping with the trauma of the deep recession of 00s which lead to the second generation, Tony and Tracy, taking the helm; and most recently very sadly losing our key member of staff and lifelong friend Jackie, suddenly and unexpectedly earlier this year.

Jackie Harold 2021
Through each of these major upheavals, even those which were the hardest to deal with, we have adapted to the changes and moved Seventh Heaven forward. We have always known that the success of the business is dependent only on one thing, our customers. The core reasons Seventh Heaven continues to be loved by people after 50 years is our commitment to the quality of our products and, equally as importantly, to the quality of our service. We always look after the people who buy from us, which is reflected in the fact that so many of our customers return after many years. If you are reading this perhaps you are one of them.

Tracy and Tony Butler
We thank you for supporting us through all the good times and the hard times, and rest assured we will continue driving the business forward despite our most recent loss. Seventh Heaven will be as strong as ever. This will be driven by our incredibly loyal and experienced staff, our beautiful showrooms at Chirk Mill and hopefully our exciting new website. This latest development of our Internet presence allows you to purchase directly online, and showcases our superb selection of antique beds, extensive range of luxurious mattresses and new collections of bedding and bed linen. We look forward to welcoming you at Chirk Mill soon and answering any enquiries by telephone or e-mail.

Tony and Tracy Butler