Premier Hungarian Goose Down Duvet from Brinkhaus

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Premier Hungarian goose down is the lightest natural filling, giving the freedom to move and turn without disturbing rest.

Down has been used for centuries as a duvet filling and it remains the most effective and popular. A little miracle of nature, countless tiny air pockets between the down fibres provide excellent heat insulation and absorbs moisture, immediately transporting it to the surrounding air, so your body stays warm and dry.

These four exquisite duvets, the OPAL, the CRYSTAL, the PEARL and the GEM, all contain premier Hungarian goose down fillings (90% Down) and the finest casings. Each of these duvets can be purchased separately, or can be combined with others of the same range using the strong lightweight press studs for all season comfort.

Duvet Choices:

  • Opal - 2.5 Tog - Ultralight Summer - 8 x 10 Square Box Stitch Duvet - 55g/sq m
  • Crystal - 4.0 Tog - Light Summer - 8 x 10 Square Box Stitch Duvet - 95g/sq m
  • Pearl - 8.0 Tog - Medium Mid-Season - 6 x 8 Square Box Stitch Duvet - 165g/sq m
  • Gem - 10.5 Tog - Warm Winter - 5 x 7 Squares Cassette Duvet - 220g/sq m

General Specifications:

  • Casing - Finest 100% Egyptian long staple cotton batiste, Nomite certified, downproof, TC 305
  • Filling - New white superior Hungarian goose down, class 1, DIN EN 12934, 90% Down
  • Connectors - Strong lightweight stainless nickel-free metal press studs
  • Laundry - Machine washable up to 60C

All items normally dispatched within a week.