Morpheus Dust Mite Mattress Barrier - Brinkhaus

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Fully Enclose the Mattress with a Zipped Barrier

Ideal for allergy sufferers and people who react sensitively to environmental influences, this fantastic product does the job of protecting your mattress and protecting you from the dust mite without the use of chemicals.

Using innovative weaving technology Brinkhaus have produced a pure high quality cotton ultra close weave fabric. After manufacture and mechanical finishing (not chemical) the weave of the "Morpheus" dust mite barrier is so tight that the density is smaller than the body size of the household dust mite thus preventing it from coming through the fabric. 

The fabric has been designed for regular washing at 95C and tumble drying for extra hygiene control.

    General Specifications:
    • Depth - Suitable for mattresses of depths 25 to 29cm
    • Fabric - Finest 100% Egyptian long staple cotton twill, TC 249
    • Construction - Encloses the entire mattress with zipper fastening along 3 sides of the mattress
    • Laundry - Machine washable up to 95C and tumble dry

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