Luxury Twin Pillow - BRINKHAUS

£189.00 £217.00

This "Twin Pillow" features a softer side and a firmer side. Your head sinks into the softer side while the firmer side retains body to stop you sinking too far into the pillow. The firmer side is for support while the softer side is for comfort.

The overall support is medium, with Premier Hungarian Goose down (90%) on the softest side and a firmer mixture of Pyrenean duck down and feather (30%/70%) on the other side.

This is a great pillow for a guest room - no need to buy an expensive soft pillow and a firmer pillow, why not give your guest just one type of pillow and leave the choice to them! The fine quality Egyptian cotton cover and satin piping make this a connoisseurs' dream pillow - let us know if this pillow ever makes it to your guest bedroom.

  • Design - 2-Chamber Pillow with satin piping.
  • Soft Chamber Filling - New white superior Hungarian goose down, class 1, DIN EN 12934, 90% down
  • Firm Chamber Filling - New white European duck feather and down, class 1, DIN EN 12934, 70% feathers/30% down
  • Casing - 100% cotton twill,  Nomite certified, down and feather proof, TC 234
  • Support - Firm, Medium and Soft Varieties
  • Laundry - Wash up to 60ºC

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