Garnet Headboard - Velvet Range


A Garnet design headboard upholstered in the velvet range of fabrics.

This deep cushioned headboard with button back design upholstery has extra padding for a more luxurious feel.

Choose from a range of 6 colours in luxurious velvet, in Beige, Claret, Denim, Emerald, Pink and Turmeric, which can match the fabric of your chosen divan set.

Headboard Mounting

There is a choice of having the headboard Bed Mounted, 24 inches (60cm) above the mattress, or Floor Standing, 54 inches (137cm) high from the floor. 
For both options the headboard is fixed to the back of the divan.

Headboard Sizes

We list all the standard sizes in Imperial widths (feet and inches) but we can also supply headboards to exact metric widths on request.
We can also supply bespoke sizes of headboards on request.

Headboard Mounting: