Exquisit Wool Mattress Topper - Brinkhaus

£199.00 £232.00

A superb topper from Brinkhaus, the Exquisit wool topper is soft yet springy and offers warmth and extremely high moisture absorbency.

Wool is the most hydrophilic of all natural fibres, and the topper can absorb up to 30% of its own weight of water before wetting - releasing it back into the environment slowly. This makes the Brinkhaus Exquisit wool topper ideal for those who seek extra relief from aches and pains at night. It gives comfort, warmth and additional moisture protection to the mattress beneath.

The Exquisite Wool Topper has a casing of fine Egyptian Cotton Satin and is held on the top of the mattress with strong wide band elastic corner straps.

General Specifications:
  • Filling - 100% Pure New Wool
  • Casing - Fine Medicot treated Egyptian Cotton Satin 218 thread count.
  • Design - Square quilting with rim 890 g/sq m, equiped with elastic corners
  • Laundry - Washable up to 40C

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