Deep Firm Divan Base - Double


A DOUBLE size DEEP FIRM DIVAN, which gives solid support to all top quality mattresses.

  • Non-sprung, so the overall comfort feel is entirely determined by the mattress.
  • Available in three different depths as standard for the same price, 14" (35cm), 16" (40cm) and 18" (45cm).
  • Covered in a choice of two 100% cotton materials, which match a range of mattresses.
  • Various storage drawers available in different orientations.
  • Double divan bases are made in two separate halves widthways for ease of transport and access into the room.
  • The top surface is perforated and the underside is covered in a woven material, to allow air to circulate under the mattress and to dissipate moisture.  
  • Black lockable castors are provided as standard. There are options of legs or sliders on request.

All our divan bases are made to order and normally take around 2 weeks to be dispatched.

Divan Sizes

STANDARD UK DOUBLE - 4ft 6in wide x 6ft 3in long (or 135cm wide x 190cm long)

We provide divan bases sizes in Imperial sizes (feet and inches) as standard. However, we can provide in Metric (cm) if you request. Please ask if you need advice on which is best for you.

We can also provide SMALL DOUBLE size divan bases, 4ft wide by 6ft 3in long (or 120 x 190cm), on request.

Divan Depths

To choose the depth you need for your bed think about how high you would like the mattress from the floor. The depth of the base does not affect the support of the mattress, so a 14 inch deep base and a 18 inch deep divan base provide the same support.

Storage Drawers

There are various options for storage drawers. We list these options as standard but we can also provide different options on request.