King Size Painted Grey Bed WK92

£1,195.00 £1,345.00

A simple styled Louis XV style wooden bed in a soft grey painted finish.

This bed accepts a British king size, 5ft wide (60 inches or 150cm) base and mattress set.

You will need a bed base to support the mattress. Bed bases sit on the bedstead frame and can be either firm or sprung and come in different depths with a choice of covers.

You have the option here to select a standard 5'0 wide by 6'6 long base, either Firm or Sprung, 4 inches deep, in Black & White Ticking or Cream Damask. Or you can choose a different base from our King Bed Base Page.

You can also choose a mattress to fit from our King Mattresses.

Bed Dimensions:
Width - 59"
Length - 83"
Height - 48"