Antique Four Poster Bed in Blue M4P41


A 5ft wide cast iron antique four poster bed unrestored with simple, delicate castings and original brass decoration. The bed was originally manufactured in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

We can restore this bed in any colour you wish, including blue, black, cream, white, etc. Please enquire. 

This bed accepts a British King Size or US Queen Size (5ft or 150cm wide) base and mattress set.

You will need a bed base to support the mattress. Bed bases sit on the bedstead frame and can be either Firm or Sprung and come in different depths with a choice of covers.

You have the option here to select either a Firm or a Sprung base in Black & White Ticking or Cream Damask. For a range of base choices please see our King Bed Base page.

You can also choose a mattress to fit from our King Mattresses.

Bed Dimensions:
Width: 60 in.
Height: 86 in.

Depth: 88 in.